Innovative Ticketing Tech

By John Blazek

Innovation is a moving target. You have to keep seeking it out. We are going to take a look at some of the most innovative ticketing tech for your next event in this post.

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Why innovate? According to an interesting study, a business that is open to tech adoption is seen as innovative. Few people in the event industry are receptive to trying new things. However, our attendees see tech as the status quo. It is not an option anymore. So why are we not offering them the most innovative tech solutions?

We are not suggesting that you completely abandon the way you ticket your events. The Harvard Business Review advises that business’ who embrace incremental change are the most successful. Nowhere else is this more evident than in sports event tech startups.

In a Techcrunch article by Smita Saxena, founder and CEO of Stanza, she identifies the inherent network effects in sports that have catapulted these startups to success. Not surprisingly, many of the existing ticketing tech providers, and those we will cover in this post, started in sports as well.

Below you will find some of the most innovative ticketing tech solutions for the event industry. The goal is to cover cutting-edge solutions, not every available solution. If you want to see a more comprehensive list, check out Carolyn Beaudoin’s The Best Ticketing Software of 2015 Series.


ReplyBuy is removing the need to download another space hogging app to your phone in order to buy tickets. It seems like it’s paying off too, with professional and collegiate teams continuing to join their roster of clients. Once signed up, tickets can be purchased simply by replying to a personalized text message sent out from the event. The ticket is then delivered directly to your phone.


With a focus on event experiences that create lasting memories Ticketleap’s goal is to reimagine ticketing. Already an established presence in the industry, they continues to roll-out new features to their popular ticketing tech in support of this mantra. The Selfie Ticket, where the purchaser uses a selfie to create a unique ticket, is one of these features. It offers a personal touch to event ticketing and creates new efficiencies, decreasing check-in times significantly.


In an industry where fees are the norm, Picatic’s ticketing tech is leveling the playing field. With their freemium model, fee-free tickets are purchased from a Picatic branded site that is provided at no cost to the event. They also offer a premium, fully branded site, where tickets can be sold without having to leave the event’s site. The premium product does include fees, but they continue to differentiate themselves from industry norms by incorporating the fee into the ticket price up front. Other sites wait until checkout to disclose their fees, knowing that there is a 90% commitment at that stage.

The Ticket Fairy

I was excited to stumble on this company during my research, not only because it has recently emerged from the elite startup school, Y Combinator, but because it also offers a cash referral incentive to ticket purchasers. Why is this exciting? It has potential to transform the event industry through viral marketing with their incentive intrinsically linked to spreading the word. The Ticket Fairy is breaking into eSports and competitive video gaming, with its base of Gen-Y participants, being some of the most prolific viral marketers on the planet.


One of the juggernauts of the ticketing tech industry has set its sights on “democratizing” the ticketing experience with their most recent offering, a Radio-frequency identification (RFID) ticketing solution. Typically too costly for smaller events, Eventbrite will not only make this tech available to a broader set of events, but through use of this tech, speed entry into events and provide events with better analytics. They have even partnered with BestRing, a point-of-sale technology company that works with merchants on cashless transactions, with the goal of bringing this technology to sports venues and events, to offer the option to pay for merchandise and food with a tap of a RFID ticket.

At Advantage Travel and Events, whether we are sharing the latest in ticketing tech solutions or providing an event with housing on our site, Advantage Traveler, we love innovation through tech. We hope you have found this information useful in helping your event choose your next innovative ticketing solution.