Innovative Ticketing Tech

Innovation is a moving target. You have to keep seeking it out. We are going to take a look at some of the most innovative ticketing tech for your next event in this post. Why innovate? According to an interesting study, a business that is open to tech adoption is seen as innovative. Few people in the event industry are receptive to trying new things.

4 Orgs for Sports Tourism and Event Professionals

Every industry has professional organizations or associations to join right? It’s a great way to get involved with the community, learn and network. There are a multitude of these out there for event professionals, but what about sports tourism? John and I spent time researching and thought we’d share what we found to make it even easier for the next person!

5 Key Benefits of an Event Housing Service

Why use an event housing service? Aside from the fact that they (we) are awesome…these companies are hotel and tech savvy experts who want to make your meeting or event run smoother. Most companies are willing to do it for little or no cost to you and in many cases give you money back (we do), then why not?! Shameless plugs, I know.