5 Key Benefits of an Event Housing Service


By Megan Herrity

Why use an event housing service? Aside from the fact that we are awesome, these companies are hotel and tech savvy experts who want to make your meeting or event run smoother. Most companies are willing to do it for little or no cost to you and in many cases give you money back (we do), then why not?! Shameless plugs, I know.


Housing services are not an all or nothing deal. Like us, most are set-up to allow you to pick and choose which benefits apply to you and will help you put together a successful event. If you are only looking for help negotiating your hotel contracts and managing the room block, done! If you like working with the hotels yourself, but the software would improve the booking process, look no further!


  1. You don’t have to negotiate hotel contracts! Very few of us actually like doing this, ok, I kind of do, but that’s why I’m on this side of the business. Let booking experts haggle over the rates and concessions and handle the contracts. We speak hotel, we are used to hotel policies and know what they really can and can’t do, so let us do that heavy lifting.
  2. Ease for your staff, attendees, participants, etc. Third party reservation software provides you with a link for your website that will take everyone to a customized site, where you can research and book any hotel associated with your event. You don’t have to list each hotel, their contact information and their proprietary links. User experience is the buzz phrase these days and it is important in this case, when you have blocks of rooms you need filled!Event-Housing-Service-Advantage-Travel-and-Events-Advantage-Traveler
  3. Room block optimization. How do you fill that darn room block you worked so hard to negotiate?! First, see #1, allow us to negotiate the best rates. Second, see #2, make it easy for everyone to book. Third, make sure they have everything they need in one place. A good housing resource should not just provide a means to book hotel rooms. They should provide information on the hotels themselves, what is pertinent to those working at, participating in or attending your event and enough to keep them from leaving your site and booking outside of the block. Can you easily see all hotels offering special rates and the rates themselves? Can you see how many rooms are available at each hotel? Can you see where the hotel is in relation to the event? Can you, without leaving the site, find hotel services, amenities and policies?
  4. Analytics. Track all of your room blocks in one place with no need to contact each hotel individually, wasting your valuable time with emails and phone calls. Login to one site, review and get back to focusing on your event. Check pick-up and changes, keeping an eye on possible attrition and ensuring hotels have the correct information to calculate your rebates. Compare year over year for accurate history and forecasting when negotiating with venues or CVBs.Benefits-of-an-Event-Housing-Service-Advantage-Travel-and-Events
  5. Did I mention that these services are often FREE? If you are considering one that is not, do your due diligence and research their competitors. Many are free, so why is that one not?

Now that you have decided to use a housing service for your event, what about that money back! Most of these companies work on commission. In case you aren’t familiar with commission, hotels (airlines, rental car companies, cruise lines, etc.) give a percentage of revenue back to individuals or companies registered with the International Airlines Travel Agent Network (IATAN). Some housing services share this commission with their clients (us included), essentially paying you to work with them.


We understand that planning your event keeps you VERY busy, working with participants, sponsors, vendors, etc. and housing is sometimes lost in the mix. However, this can lead to room blocks that aren’t full, resulting in added costs for the unused rooms. An event housing service like ours takes these worries away, saving you time and money.

If you are looking for a company like this for your event or have questions, we would love to hear from you!