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We provide comprehensive, start-to-finish travel and event management. With over 20 years of experience in hotels and travel management companies, we are uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled guidance and support. Through our in-depth knowledge of the industry and our strong network of contacts, we are able to secure rates and benefits that exceed expectations.

I worked with Megan for 8 years and John for 4 years. In that time, I found each to be of the highest caliber of professionalism. No matter the request or time of day, each displayed the sincerest desire to meet the client’s request no matter the circumstance.
– Mark Cashman
Director of Team Operations
Cavaliers Operating Company, LLC.

What We Provide

All of the Service. None of the Cost.

Allow us to research and negotiate, so that you can focus on the decisions. We provide travel and event management at no cost to you through our Principal Services.

Principal Services

Hotel Site Selection
  • In-depth analysis of each property
  • Research rates, accommodations, meeting space, location, amenities and service level
  • Assist with individual and personal hotel requests
Hotel Cost Analysis and Monitoring
  • Contract negotiation, securing the best possible rates
  • Maximize client’s budget
  • Monitor extraneous costs impacting the bottom line
  • Generate savings in unexpected areas
  • 24 hour availability
  • Room list management

All of the Detail. None of the Time.

Leave the legwork to us, so that you can focus on creating a successful event. We offer low-cost customizable support through our À la Carte Services.

À la Carte Services

In-Event Services
  • On-site facilitator prior to and throughout the event
  • Coordinate arrival and departure
  • Verify all amenities, AV and special requests, are delivered and accurate
  • Manage food, beverage and meeting space requests
  • Hotel master bill audit
  • Customize invoicing based on client’s needs
  • Expense itemization
  • Resolve billing disputes

Advantage Traveler

Advantage Traveler is your FREE travel management service. Whether you have an event, team or tournament, we provide you with a custom designed housing solution. We ensure a seamless reservation process and optimized room block. Plus, you earn guaranteed REBATES on every room! Our experience, attention to detail and level of service is your Advantage.

We will put that Advantage to work for you, using our strong network of contacts to secure the best rates available. Bringing together our passion for hospitality and focus on technology, we partner with you to ensure the site is cohesive and exceeds your needs. With Advantage Traveler, you get commitment to customer experience and emphasis on a user friendly platform and mobile responsiveness, guaranteeing increased reservations and room block utilization.


Custom designed booking site
Promotion / Advertising space
Cloud-based RFP system
Itinerary builder
Budget tools
Community Forum


Who We Are

John Blazek


John is living a dream as co-founder and co-owner of Advantage Travel and Events, and it shows in the energetic customer service and commitment he offers to every client. John grew up in a family that always owned their own businesses, and he has always aspired to do the same. Born and raised in Virginia, John graduated from The College of William and Mary with a degree in psychology. Three years with Starwood Hotels and Resorts and three years with a third party travel and event management company gave John an abundance of experience in Washington D.C.’s hospitality industry, including high-level engagements with NBA teams, multinational corporations, law firms, and the U.S. Tennis Open in New York. John gains deep personal fulfillment through carefully arranging the essential details that can make or break his clients’ travel experiences. When he’s not helping his clients achieve their goals or enjoying his own personal travel, you can often find John “traveling” through his Northern Virginia neighborhood with his daughter Ella…on their skateboards!

Megan Herrity


Megan brings more than a decade of experience, knowledge, and successful client service to her newest venture as co-founder and co-owner of Advantage Travel and Events. Her love of travel and her commitment to exceptional customer service trace back to her years at the University of Minnesota. While earning a B.A. in Communications and French, she worked in the university's admissions office and spent a semester in the Walt Disney World College Program, where she realized that hotel hospitality would be the perfect venue to apply her passion for customer service. Success in her position at Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, beginning in 2001, brought her from Minneapolis to the D.C. metro area, which she has happily called home for 10 years. Seeking challenges on the other side of the industry, she branched out to a third party travel and event management company in 2007, where she worked tirelessly to meet the travel and event planning needs of diverse clients such as NBA teams, multinational corporations, law firms, and the U.S. Tennis Open in New York. Megan provides impeccable customer service and keen attention to detail to help clients achieve maximum comfort, productivity, and impact in their business travel and events. An avid traveler herself, including recent trips to Ireland, Prague, and Canada’s Banff National Park, Megan also takes great pride in providing clients with transcendent and unforgettable personal travel experiences.

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